Beautiful roses that last over 3 years. How does it work?

Take time to smell the roses. Especially when that time span could be as long as three years.

Yes, three full years.

It seems incredible, doesn’t it? Yet these long-lasting flowers, also called preserved roses, are very real.

Typically, store-bought plants last a week, but these marathon blossoms last years and years. Ecuadorian blooms are generally used because they’re one of the hardiest and longest-lasting rose plants. They’re cut at their peak blooming phase and dehydrated.

Next, they’re injected with a non-toxic, wax-based, hypoallergenic formula that replaces the plant’s sap and water. It impedes their growth but retains their velvety shape, scent, and texture. These flowers can last a year to three years. If you place them in an enclosure, such as a sealed display case, they can live an astounding 10 years. This far outstrips store-bought flowers, whose endurance is typically only one week

Another preservation technique involves soaking the blossoms in glycerin and warm water. Glycerin reduces dryness while protecting and moisturizing a rose. The glycerin preserves the flower by replacing its fluids. Next, the rose soaks for two to three weeks. Some florists also soak them in oils.

These flowering plants require almost no upkeep. Simply protect them from humidity, heat and direct sunlight. The ideal temperature for your arrangement is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Occasionally, give them a light dusting to ensure the longest lifespan, or spray them with canned air.

The blossoms can also be dusted by blowing on them with a hairdryer set on the lowest temperature. Avoid touching them, since the oil on your hands can damage them. The flowers’ scent is also preserved for about two to three weeks. If watering plants isn’t your strong suit, no watering is required. Ever.

These long-lasting flowers can be dyed any Pantone color, with …

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