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Flowers For Your Considerations

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Flowers have always been one of the best options for decorating the centerpieces of our diners for various reasons: they bring color, joy, nature, smell, etc. And that’s why we love them. But not all types of centerpieces are suitable for any type of celebration, be it a wedding or any other type of event. So let’s see some ideas, let’s see what you think.

Flower Arrangements For Weddings

You finally get married, and romanticism floods your previous days. But on the day you celebrate your wedding, all your love explodes, and you need everything that surrounds your celebration to smell of passion.

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White and pink and red colors are essential in a wedding, especially if you are not going to celebrate it in a rural setting, in a forest, in the mountains. In this case, brown tones will provide a more rural atmosphere than other more colorful tones. At the flowers shop     you can get the best ones.

A different case occurs in weddings that are celebrated on the beach. In these cases, and taking advantage of all the light that the coast offers, the pastel shades will further highlight all that light. The pink and lilac colors usually combine quite well in this type of wedding.

Some Flowers For A Birthday Party

Flower arrangement for family or social birthday celebration is not talking about the birthday party that we organize in our living room, or in a ball park. We are thinking of a family event in which we are going to have a large number of guests, which we usually organize for adults. Turning 50 is one of those special moments, and it doesn’t hurt to celebrate it in a more original way.

Regardless of whether we have organized the birthday party in the garden of our chalet or have thought of a celebration room, the decoration must be carefully and in accordance with our idiosyncrasy. In this type of celebration, we can decorate the space with flowers that have a lot of color, and if we manage to combine them with each other, we will have been right without any doubt. Amaryllis, gerberas, tulips and zinnias come in handy to decorate a birthday party in a unique space.

Decorating A Social Event With Flowers

When we talk about social events, we are referring to meetings or celebrations that normally have to do with our professional environment. Therefore, everything will be more “formal” and discreet. But not only in terms of tones and colors, but also the size of the flower arrangements will that form part of the decoration of our event.

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Discreet Flower Arrangement For Business Events

As we say, a company lunch or dinner, the typical Christmas dinners, presentations, seminars, conferences or any other type of business event, requires special attention when choosing the flower centers that will preside over each table. It is advisable to avoid high centers that hinder visibility at the table between diners, since it is frequent that in this type of meetings, the interaction between them is essential. We will therefore use flowers such as tulips, orchids, lilies, and white rockrose. If you look, they are flowers in white tones, but you should not leave aside blue and lilac colors that provide elegance.

Surely you have some ideas in your head, but when you go to choose your flowers it is important that you have an open mind and let yourself be advised, since perhaps those flowers that you like so much are not in season, or do not fall within your budget, but there are ways to solve it, either choosing similar flowers or including those flowers that you like so much but that are out of the budget only in your bouquet.

The Flowers That You Need Now

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The time has come to choose the flowers to design your bouquet, that long-awaited moment, but also stressful because many times we know which flowers to choose, what type of design is best for us, we have a thousand things on our heads and we just want us to make life easier, that’s why we give you some tips to have the perfect bouquet.

Express With Flowers

First of all, remember that flowers are an extension of you and communicate your feelings, they are faithful companions at all times and with a good selection they will be your best allies that important day, they will make you look like a true princess. Do not forget that every bouquet must be harmonious in colors, textures, sizes and composition, but do not stress this is the task of your florist, he will be the one to advise you along the way.

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Now, the factors that you must consider to choose the right flowers in your bouquet are the following: your personality, the design of your dress, the season of the year in which you will marry, the type of poison where the event will be held and the schedule.

Outgoing, she would be, smiling, dreamy no matter what your personality is, what is important is that the flowers communicate for you and they must be faithful to your personality that day, so if you have a favorite flower or one that you identify with do not hesitate to propose it.

The design of your dress is extremely important because it should never compete with the bouquet, both must create a perfect harmony to make you look like a Reyna, and that is why if you wear a dress with many textures it is better to make a selection of two to three flowers At most and opt for a classic design, your height is another important factor if you are tall you will allow yourself to carry a bouquet with a long fall if you like them but if you are short the best thing is to carry a bouquet.

Seasonal Flowers

The time of the year in which you get married will allow you to make a selection of more colorful flowers and you will have more options for spring-summer, this is the best time of flowers as you will find all varieties, textures, colors, but if you decide to get married in Autumn-winter options are reduced, but do not worry because it will be easier to choose and without a doubt you will find the faithful rose all year round.

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Time Of Wedding

Your wedding schedule is also very important, there are flowers that look beautiful during the day, especially those with light or pastel tones, and those with stronger tones such as reds or greens look better at night.

Theme Of Wedding

The place and the general concept of the wedding is another factor that we must consider, for example, if it is a wedding at night and in a beautiful room the best thing is to opt for a classic bouquet with roses, orchids and with a drop.

In the end, as professionals always tell brides, never lose sight of what is important: You, your loved ones who celebrate them and the memories of that night that will last forever. We hope these tips have helped you.

The Flower Gifts And How You Can Choose

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It is well known that red roses are a classic gift among lovers, but they are not the only flowers with which you can declare your love for that special person or new romance. We always say that the meaning of flowers is very important when choosing flowers for a certain occasion, since each flower has one. It could be said that giving flowers is considered a non-verbal language and a way to express feelings of very different types. Choosing the right flowers, especially if it’s a first date, is crucial to making a good impression and sending the right message to the recipient.

Here are some tips to succeed in choosing the bouquet of flowers to succeed in an appointment. The words are not the only way to express everything you feel, and through a bouquet of roses or a bouquet of daisies you can express much more.


The Meaning Of Flowers Is Closely Related To The Tone Of Its Petals:

While a red rose is considered by most to be a symbol of passion and love, a yellow one is associated with envy and jealousy. If you want to know more, in the post about the meaning of the color of roses, we will tell you everything.

Taking into account the meaning of flowers is crucial to success and it never hurts to ask a person close to you for help or opinion, asking them, for example, about your favorite flowers. The best flowers to show affection are tulips, carnations and orchids, famous for their elegance and subtlety.

In online florist you will find a wide variety of bouquets of flowers perfect to declare your feelings and that will make love triumph above all else. Surely many of you are already thinking about decorating your wedding and, without a doubt, one of the most important elements of the decoration are flowers.

The Flowers Give It That Touch

“Yours”, special, different but to get the wedding to identify with you, it is important to choose the type of flower well. How to know which are the perfect flowers for your wedding? Here are some tips:

Your Taste: there are no right flowers or wrong flowers, but there are flowers that fit and do not fit, and it all depends on your taste.

Wedding Style: it is very important that the flowers are consistent with the wedding style. A rustic, modern, classic, romantic wedding is not the same and flowers should intensify that style.

Place Of The Wedding: It is not the same to get married outdoors, as in a church or on the beach the place where the wedding is going to take place will greatly influence the style of the wedding and therefore the flowers.

Season: depending on the time of year when you get married, there will be some flowers or others. Florists always recommend couples to choose seasonal flowers, but in case your favorite flower is not at its best for your wedding, you always have the option of bringing them outside although the price will be higher.

Colors: once you have chosen the color palette for your wedding, you should look for those flowers that fit with it and that provide uniformity to the decoration.